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Northwest support for Maintenance of Certification Part IV

Part IV is the practice performance assessment of Maintenance of Certification, also known as the performance improvement project. NWPMG is participating in a multi-board pilot with other PMGs to permit physicians who are certified in the participating boards to receive MOC practice improvement and CME credit for participation in quality work that is embedded in their practice.


  1. How long do I have to complete my PI project?
  2. Review your selected project to determine the length. The average PI project takes 3-6 months.

  3. What data should I use?
  4. Review your project to determine what data you should use. If you do not receive this data, contact your chief.

  5. Do I need to fill in the form myself?
  6. Yes. This tool requires a physician's own reflections on his or her actions to improve their own quality of care.

  7. I'm done with my project. What do I submit?
  8. Click on the Attestation link next to your project name. Fill in the information on that form and click Submit.

  9. How will the completion of my PI project be communicated to my board?
  10. Once your attestation has been received and approved, KP staff will notify your specialty board that you have fulfilled the Part IV requirement. Please allow 10 weeks for your form to be submitted to your board. After 10 weeks, check your board website to confirm the credits have been added to your record.

  11. What about MOC parts I, II and III?
  12. Visit your specialty website for information on how to complete parts I, II and III.

  13. How do I pay for this project?
  14. Once your disclosure has been received by your specialty board, you may contact your board to pay their Part IV MOC fee.

  15. What if I'm boarded in more than one of the participating boards?
  16. If you complete a project that lists all the boards in which you are certified, you only need to do one project to qualify for those boards.

  17. How do I receive CME credit?
  18. Once your PI form has been received and approved, the KP National CME office will email your CME certificate. Please allow 3 weeks for your CME to be processed.

  19. Who do I contact with questions?
  20. For project questions, consult the project description

    For data questions, contact your chief.

    For questions about this Maintenance of Certification Part IV process, contact Kathie Fitzgerald at .

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